Volunteer Case Study – New Driveways in Glasgow

Volunteer Case Study – New Driveways in Glasgow

This is a brief case study of a group of people to fix a number of resident driveways in Glasgow, which had fallen into a terrible state of disrepair. A group of volunteers banded together along with the help of a local driveway contractor to restore order to the lives of many people who simply could not use their driveways. This is an example of hard work and dedication being put to good use by people who want to make a difference. Read on to find out more about what happened to these volunteers.


Getting A New Driveway

The driveways in question were the original concrete driveways that were installed when the properties were made. Due to abnormal earth movement, the driveways had become extremely dangerous to the point that they posed a health risk. For many homeowners, the cost of an asphalt driveway makes it a nonviable option. New residential driveways made from concrete or other manufactured materials are always expensive to begin with. Concrete driveways can also be designed to include decorative elements such as bricks, stone, and flagstone, which can make your new driveway even more unique and attractive. However the best modern driveway material is actually a resin-based compound, which is much more durable, tends to look better, and is better for the environment. The only thing is these driveways are usually more expensive, however in this case, the contractor agreed to install these resin driveways at a discounted rate.

roadWhat Are Resin Driveways?

Resin driveway is a combination of stones and resin that is used to pave driveways, footpaths and so on. It’s a new form of paved material that’s made of recycled resin and sand. The resin is not a ceramic like material, but a fine combination of sand and resin that give a beautiful finish. It is available in different textures and can be used for a variety of applications. This kind of paving material is highly durable and resistant to wear, water, and stains. A resin driveway is ideal for commercial properties, since they are easy to maintain due to the fact that they are very porous which allows the surface to breathe. This also allows for easy drainage of water and residue.


Using A Resin Aggregateresin driveway

A resin driveway can also be made with a special aggregate and resin mix. This option works well in a number of applications, especially because asphalt doesn’t really have much texture to it. Concrete aggregate, on the other hand, gives a nice smooth texture that makes a very attractive driveway surface. If you decide on using aggregate, however, be sure to use a good quality aggregate that is strong enough to handle the weight of the driveway. Using a low-grade aggregate, could lead to a more difficult installation, so be careful which one you get.

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